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About Us

Learn more about daily life at Sam's Kid Safari and our dedication to early childhood education.

About Us

Learn more about daily life at Sam's Kid Safari and our dedication to early childhood education.


History of SKS

Owner Samantha January started SKS in 2006 after becoming unemployed as a result of a company relocation following Hurricane Rita. Having recently earned her degree in Early Childhood Education, she decided to leave the banking industry and work from home to be able to provide the parenting, love, attention, and support her own children would need as they approached their teenage years.

Samantha has always been drawn to young children. Being a shy, unsure child herself, younger children always made her feel comfortable in her own skin. They were her happy place - the place where she could be who God made her to be without feeling inadequate or inferior in any way. Her passion for childcare began when she started babysitting for relatives and family friends at the age of 10. She became a teen mom at the age of 16 and was fortunate enough to have had a strong support system, allowing her the luxury to finish high school with Honors. Her own failures and triumphs motivated her to continue pursuing something greater in childcare.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Sam's Kid Safari is that we provide each child that attends our center with high quality childcare, education, and development regardless of race, financial status, religion, special needs, gender, or parental support.

We recognize that it is our responsibility to ensure that each child grow to the fullest of his or her potential. Our dedicated staff provides care that it supportive, nurturing, warm, and responsive to each child's individual needs. We strive to attend to the needs of the “whole child”, which extends past just cognition. 


We understand the struggles of being a young, single, or low-income parent.

Over the last 14 years, our passion for childcare has grown as we see parents go on to achieve their goals. With childcare that offers peace-of-mind, parents are able to graduate high school and college, advance in their careers, secure stable employment, and shatter statistics.

Diversity & Inclusion

We respect the diversity of cultures that make up our community, which is why we encourage parents to share their family's culture with teachers and students by bringing books, songs, and other items that celebrate their background and uniqueness. 

We are also open and eager to work with parents whose children have special needs so that they can be included and take part in everyday activities as much as possible. If your child requires specialized equipment or adult support persons, our director and teachers will be available to discuss these special needs and make appropriate provisions.

Teaching Methods

We provide developmentally appropriate learning activities and play, which will provide every child with an opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively.

At SKS, children will engage in Math, Science, Art, Music & Movement, Dramatic Play, Language, Writing, Social Studies, Computers, Table Toys, Blocks, Library, and Sand & Water Activity Centers daily.

About SKS

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Sam's Kid Safari Learning Academy, founded in 2006 by Samantha January, provides childcare and early childhood education to children ranging from 0 months to 13 years old.


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